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Gorgeous Albino Python - 9 Wows
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Gorgeous Albino Python

July 23, 2012 at 8:00pm | by Hernando

Another dazzling member of the “White Ball Python Phenomenon,” the Blue-Eyed Leucistic can be made from several different combinations.  Thus far, these beautiful white gems have been produced from Lesser Platinum, Mojave, Phantom, and high-yellow animals from the Russo het Leucistic line.  Some Blue-Eyed Leucistics have faint yellow dorsal striping, some may have a gray tinge to the head scales, and others have distinct ocular stripes.  The most dramatic Blue-Eyed Leucistics are clean, pure white with startling blue eyes and no other pigmentation. Regardless of markings, it’s easy to see why these splendid serpents have become a “Holy Grail” of ball python morphs! [Source]

Via: imgur.com
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