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A Boy and His 16′ Python (12 pics)

April 9, 2012 at 10:00am | by Steven

Boy and snake bff, python and boy are best friends

While many children might wish to curl up with a furry pet, like a dog or cat, a young Cambodian boy prefers to spend his time with a 16 foot long python.

Boy and snake bff

In the village of Sit Tbow, 50 kilometres east of Phnom Penh, Sambath Uon, reportedly refuses to go to sleep without the company of his pet, Chamreun, or Lucky, in Khmer.

The snake slithered into town when Sambath was just a few months old. While the boy’s father tried to return the snake to the forest three times, the Burmese python loyally returned to her young master and has earned the acceptance of villagers, who think she brings good fortune.

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