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The Ultimate Treehouse - 9 Wows
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The Ultimate Treehouse

January 12, 2012 at 4:04pm | by Josh

THE DANILCHIK FAMILY lives in a Swiss chalet that hovers between two centenarian Western Red cedars and overlooks a tidal strait near Port Orchard Bay. Raccoons on the hunt for table scraps scurry up a wooden ramp that rises 50 feet above the spongy forest floor and leads to the front door.

There is a bathroom but no shower, a fridge but no stove, a large sink but no washer or dryer, and piles of books and an Internet connection but no television. These were intentional choices, made possible by location: If the Danilchiks need modern amenities, they just stroll down a mossy path to their set of fully outfitted cabins, built in 1952…

Read more about it at SeattleMet.

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